Happy Tools

The modern office doesn’t always look like, well, an office.

Distributed teams, changing business needs, and complex dynamics are redefining the workday. Happy Tools makes it possible for your office to run smoothly, no matter what it looks like or who makes it go.

Happy Schedule

Instead of having your team work around a strict schedule, get a schedule that works around your team.

Scheduling for people, not shifts

Hit your coverage goals without boxing people into pre-defined work shifts using a clean UI that makes fine-tuning easy.

Less friction, more flexibility

Real life happens. Keep it all balanced with a system that accounts for last minute changes and scheduling irregularities.

Organize globally

When your office is “everywhere”, you need a built-in calendar that covers the work day for your distributed team, no matter when that day starts.

Make your schedule work for you

We built Happy Schedule for ourselves first, and you could say we were happy with the result.

The ability to save different templates of weekly schedules is a great time saver for teams that work on variable weekends. Team members like me have a few patterns to manage their week that can be easily saved and applied in a matter of seconds.”

Nagesh Pai

Mumbai, India

“One of the most user friendly and time saving aspects of Happy Schedule is the ability to easily set days and weeks in a different time zone. It made traveling over the past couple of months such a breeze, and so much less stressful to not worry about whether or not I had set the correct hours for my day. Huge relief!”

Sasha Stone

Florida, USA

“I understand at a glance when my teammates are online and what are they doing even if they are spread across several time zones. It converts a time-consuming puzzle into an easy-to-access, always-updated shiny table, so I can use the time to get things done.”

Raúl Antón Cuadrado

Burgos, Spain

“The flexibility to set times in 15-minute increments has been really helpful to me. It makes it easier to schedule available hours around my son’s school schedule. I also love the option to create and save multiple templates.”

Tiffany Villa

Utah, USA


Happy Tools starts with a 30-day free trial, no credit card required. After that, monthly pricing starts at $60, which includes your first 12 members. Then it’s just $5 a user after that.

Pricing so simple we don't need a chart.

30-day free trial

$5 /month per user

With a $60 monthly minimum

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From our office to yours.

We know Happy Schedule is a good tool because we use it every day. We built it for ourselves here at Automattic, to help us tackle a problem that plagues companies like ours—scheduling in a modern, distributed work environment.

Trust us, this thing is a game changer. And it’s only the beginning. We’ve got more tools in the works. Try out this one while we refine the others, you’ll be happy you did.

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